Monday, 16 April 2012 10:25
Students and teachers from four European countries are interrelated with the College through the Comenius program Lapachar



April 16, 2012. – The Delegate of Education of the City of None Davinia Valdés, today received a group of participants in the Comenius Programme, through the College Lapachar, visit our town in order to travel a healthy Europe.
This group, which has brought students and teachers Chipiona Turkey, Latvia, Romania and France, working on programs about healthy eating and sport. From the College Lapachar is intended to provide the educational community of different teaching models and use the second language as a communication and learning. It seeks to introduce in the classroom programming intercultural dimension, where English is present in all subjects. Students also take other forms of life and thoughts through the foreign language, working in class with students from other European countries.
The Comenius program is aimed at strengthening the European dimension in the field of nursery, primary and secondary education, promoting mobility and cooperation between schools.
Subsidizes the following decentralized managed by the National Agency:

-School partnerships between schools with a view to developing joint learning projects for pupils and teachers.
-Training courses for teachers and other teachers to contribute to improving the quality of nursery, primary and secondary.
-Assistantships for future teachers of any subject to better understand the European dimension into the teaching process.
-Preparatory visits for mobility in order to develop a school partnership.
-Comenius-Regio partnerships between local and regional institutions with responsibility for school education to promote interregional cooperation at European level. It also subsidizes the following centralized, managed by the Executive Agency Education, Audiovisual and Culture.
-Multilateral projects to develop, promote and disseminate best practices in education, new teaching methods and materials, and developing, promoting and disseminating training courses for teachers.



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