As it was said and proposed in our Comenius Project “Eat smart, work more, be healthy”, we planned and celebrated our International Sport Day in our School. We tried to involve the whole educational community to prepare and enjoy it and we achieved our aims: teachers, pupils and families participated in this work and it was a success because most of them realised that playing sport is the best way to have fun with friends and classmates with no need for computer games, television and all these kind of activities that make children forget the importance of exercise their body while they have a good time.

This way, we organised the End of School Year Party focusing it on sports and games. It took place on June in the school’s playground. There were many games and sports leaded by teachers, parents and some of the oldest pupils in our school. Pulpils were allowed to take part in every game and sport they wanted. They just had to wait for their turn in a queue and respect the rules of the game/sport. So, it promoted respect for the rules, respect for the mates, as well as effort to be the winner individually and in group, cooperation and help in cooperative activities, fair play…

It has been the first time we have done it, but we dare say that we will repeat it because it has been very positive (pupils and parents congratulated the school for the idea and for the organisation). This way our students are learning to be a bit heal



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